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Our Service

Our Service
We promise our customers to reply within 24 hours
We are committed to answering and resolving your questions in a reliable and timely manner. We will conduct additional checks on your feedback to ensure that we continue to provide maximum production, productivity, and profitability.
Our Service
Pre-sale service
Configuring the equipment completely to the customer’s requirement.
After-sale service
Trial running before delivery, offer finished product for customer confirmation.
Shipping on time
According to the customer credit status, provide the buyer's credit, the medium and long term credit, quality assurance
After-sale service
Guarantee real high production strictly same with our words, customer no worries.
Providing life-long service, and free maintenance if  any quality problems within one year.
Quick response within 8 hours
Best delivery time
In addition to the best price and high quality, we also have the best delivery time. We promise to deliver at a specific time based on the customer's order quantity.
Best Packaging
We choose the best domestic delivery method, handle the goods with caution, and use necessary protective measures to protect the machine from accidental damage. We ensure that customers receive satisfactory machinesz.
Best Protection
12 months after debugging. No matter which one is effective first. (It does not include worn parts. The shipping cost for replacing parts during the warranty period is borne by the customer.)
Optimal installation and startup
Engineers can repair the machinery overseas.
We will assign skilled engineers to coordinate the installation, commissioning and training for a maximum duration of 30 working days, and the customer will provide the engineers with return flight tickets, food, accommodation, transportation, communications, insurance, taxes (if any).$120 per day will be paid to them.
Gabion machine spare parts
We have been struggling in the gabion machine industry for 20 years, we CANDID can proudly announce that no matter what brand of gabion machine, we can provide you with accessories, reliable quality and low price, CANDID makes you no longer suffer from no choice, so that you can have one more choice, make an extra friende.
Free training
Free online knowledge training

Any time, we provide a comprehensive ongoing training on equipments knowledge.Our online training program consists of three parts: operation video learning, operation manual learning, and online video connection.
Professional one-on-one training

After the successful installation and commissioning of the Gabion Machine, we initiate personalized one-on-one training sessions for the customer and their team. Our experienced engineers provide hands-on training, guiding clients on how to operate the Gabion Machine efficiently and effectively.
Free offline training

Valued customer, CANDID is delighted to present you with an exclusive opportunity to enhance your success with our gabion machine through free offline training(and we will provide you with free food and accommodation)!!!
CANDID will host two times of one-week Gabion machine training annually

Erstanding and proficient operation of Gabion machines, CANDID is delighted to invite you on a technical journey, venturing into a new era of Gabion technology!CANDID will host two times of one-week Gabion machine training annually, offering an unparalleled learning opportunity for technical personnel from overseas, such as Nepal, India, ThaiEmbark on a Journey to Explore Gabion mesh machine - Join the Free Training by CANDID!
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