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Road Construction

Gabion net is made of iron/steel wire, has good impact resistance and anti-weathering ability. In highway construction, because the section may suffer from natural disasters such as earth flow and landslides, it is necessary to use gabion nets to build safe roads. 

The road was planned to be built along a steep slope, which posed a significant challenge for the construction team .  The slope was unstable and prone to landslides,  which could cause serious damage to    the road and endanger the safety of drivers.

To address this issue, the construction team decided to use gabion machine to build retaining walls along the slope.  The gabion machine was used to create gabion box, which were then filled with stones and placed along the slope.

The gabion box were designed to be flexible, allowing them to conform to the shape of the slope and absorb any movement caused by the unstable ground.  The stones used to fill the gabion box were carefully selected to provide maximum stability and prevent erosion.

The gabion mesh retaining walls proved to be highly effective in stabilizing the slope and preventing  landslides.  The road was completed on time and  has since  been  used by thousands of drivers without any incidents
Regarding the spare parts of the gabion machine
Sometimes, due to various reasons, the Gabion machine may experience damage to some spare parts, but the warranty period has expired. At this point, if you purchase the same device again, it will not only be time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also expensive. Choosing to replace it with spare parts is the method with the least loss and the highest return. You don't have to worry about different machine brands, as we are a one-stop solution expert for Gabion Machine and can provide any brand of Gabion Machine spare parts
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