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    Jul 12,2023

Gabion Machine

Gabion Mesh Production Line
Gabion mesh production line is a specialized equipment used for manufacturing gabion mesh and gabion box. The whole line including gabion machine, wire spiral coiling machine, net winding machine, net cutting machine, net side bordering machine, gabion pressing machine and wire straightening &cutting machine. The main application is for civil engineering, highway engineering, environmental protection. It provides a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution for soil retention, slope protection, and other needs in various engineering and applications.
Superior Quality and Durability
CANDID gabion machine is manufactured using premium materials and advanced techniques, ensuring excellent quality and long-lasting durability.
High Efficiency
CANDID gabion machine is designed with precision and equipped with intelligent control systems, increase production efficiency, saving you time and costs.
Flexibility to Meet Different Needs
CANDID gabion machine can be customized to accommodate various specification and sizes of gabion box, catering to your specific project requirements. 
User-Friendly operation and maintenance
We provide detailed operation manuals and technical support to CANDID gabion machine ensure that you can easily operate and maintain the equipment, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.
Comprehensive after-sales service
Whether it's training operators, solving technical matters, providing spare parts and repair support, we are dedicated to supporting your business needs and ensuring your satisfaction.
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Customer Praise

Our team is composed of experienced engineers and designers who can understand and meet your customization needs. We will work closely with you to provide gabion mesh machine solutions that meet your specific specifications and requirements.

"I have been looking for suppliers of gabion mesh machines with the highest quality and reliability. Through recommendation, I have chosen your company's customized gabion mesh machine solution, and I am very satisfied with my choice. Your gabion mesh machine has excellent quality, and the materials used are sturdy and durable, capable of withstanding the flow and impact of rivers."

John Smith

River Regulation Engineering

"Your gabion mesh machine has excellent quality, and the materials used are sturdy and durable, capable of withstanding wave impact and salt water erosion. Under the worst environmental conditions, the gabion mesh machine remains stable and effectively protects the coastline. If I have a similar engineering project, I will not hesitate to choose your customized gabion mesh machine solution again.."

David Thompson

Shore Protection Works

"Your team spent time working with me to understand my specific needs and provided customized gabion mesh machines. You have met my requirements in terms of size, specifications, and material selection. I am particularly grateful for your attention to the project. Your team delivered high-quality Shilong machines in a timely manner and provided detailed installation guidance."

Mary Johnson

Road Protection Engineering